Strength From Within: Table of Contents!

At long last, I am honored to announce the lineup for the anthology! I have had the difficult choice of picking through all of the lovely submissions that were sent to me, but I feel I have found the absolute best. So enjoy this brilliant ToC, spread the word, and buy the book when it comes out. I’ll post the cover art once I have the final version sometime next month.

“Feeding the Flame” – Kat Cook

“A Little Bird Told Me” – Sam Knight

“No Gain” – Sean M. Locke

“Kyara’s New Deal” – Lancer Kind

“La Faim” – Casey Hays

“A Turn of the Ring” – Quincy J. Allen

“The Lowell Infirmary for Transmigration” – Chet Gottfried

“Hand’s House” – Michael Hemmingson

“Gravity” – Brittany A. Lawrence

“Dania’s Trial” – J. A. Campbell

“EndlessFreedom.Com” Lyn McConchie

“The Story Thief” – Janka Hobbs

“Hands” – Kevin Bannigan Jr.

“The Fairy and the Pearls” – Ellorien

“Grumpy Dragon” – Jay Wilburn