Strength From Within Anthology: Indigogo Funding

Strength From Within Anthology: Indigogo Funding

We are live on Indiegogo! Please spread the word, and if you can, pledge some yourself!


Strength From Within: Stories of Recovery to Fund Asbury House

Recovery from addiction requires strength, and through strength can come recovery. But not all strengths are the same, nor are all addictions. Strength From Within aims to examine addiction and recovery through the lens of fantasy. With fifteen stories of bravery, strength and resilience in the face of addiction and recovery, this anthology showcases established authors as well as up and coming talent.

All profits are to go to Asbury House. The support from this project will go to give Asbury House a home in Fort Collins, CO and give dozens of women the space to learn their strengths and build on them to recover.

“The mission of Asbury House is to provide a safe, holistic, and healthy physical environment where women are empowered to collaboratively develop their healing process keeping in mind their relationships with their families, communities, and environments, so that they are able to make more meaningful choices and achieve successful relationships, life goals, and economic productivity on their chosen paths.”

With your help, this project can bring hope and help to women who truly need it.

Original material, no reprints will be accepted. Do not use non-original characters and/or copyrighted characters. Romance is fine, erotica is inappropriate for the anthology. No rape, no excessive violence.

Word count 2-6K, query for longer.
Payment is a flat $25 per story.
Submissions open from July 27th through October 31st, or until filled.
This will be funded through a project on Indiegogo, more information to follow.

To submit, save your document as .doc or .rtf and email your submissions to strengthfromwithinanthology [@] gmail [dot] com. Questions and queries may also be directed to this email.

For published pieces we take First Print and/or Electronic Publishing Rights. Bear in mind that most publications will not publish pieces that have been published in print, eBook, or on the web, so for all intents and purposes after your work is published by us it can only be marketed as a reprint, which severely limits the number of markets that will accept it, and drastically reduces the pay rate it can receive. It is up to you, the author, to decide if publishing your work in print and eBook, giving up your First Publishing Right for a token payment, is really what you want to do.